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Newest Templates
Girlie Stuff
Added 25/02/2008
Emerald Princess
Added 15/06/2008
Playtime for Boys
Added 22/08/2007

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List Directly to eBay

We have cut out the middleman! Our super easy eBay Lister allows you to upload your listings directly from your TemplateMate Account to eBay! Just think of the time you will save! Currently available for eBay Australia, eBay US and eBay UK.

No HTML knowledge required

Absolutely no HTML knowledge is required. We handle the HTML for you!

Access to our entire Portfolio

Full access to our entire range of Templates. Use on any Auction Site that accepts HTML. New Templates added regularly.

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Preset your Terms of Sale

Your Terms of Sale can be preset. You only need to do this once and they will automatically appear in every listing, saving you heaps of time.

Your Listings are saved

Your completed listings are saved for you. You can safely leave them until you are ready to use them on your Auction Site.

Integrated Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting with every account. Full accounts come with 300 MB of space. This is enough for over 5000 images!

Click to Enlarge Feature

Give your Customers a better look at your products with our built in Click to Enlarge Feature. With our perfectly sized 300 pixel wide thumbnail images your listing page will load faster and your customers have the ability to get a better look at your product, thus maximising your potential for sales!

Latest News

Remembrance Day 2016

Fri, 11 Nov 2016

Lest We Forget

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Active Content

Fri, 26 Aug 2016

You may have noticed on your Listings that eBay will be removing any Active Content from mid 2017, we just wanted to let all Members know that all Templates available on TemplateMate are already in ...

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Anza Day 2016

Mon, 25 Apr 2016

Lest We Forget

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